People are saying great things about Sand Artist | Charlene Lanzel:


“The transience of sand art tells stories of many fleeting moments, layer after layer, mimicking life in many ways. Following the rhythm of the ambient music, Charlene’s hands scatter sand on light box creating story one moment, destroying the next only to recreate another tale for her dazed audience…”  [...more]



"‘This Week In News’ 7.31.15 | MTV News. “Check out some of the biggest news stories this week with Channing Tatum, Bobbi Kristina Brown, Reading Rainbow and the Boy Scouts of America.”  [...more]


“Have you ever seen someone create gorgeous, colorful, ever-changing imagery using nothing but a light box, projection technology, and sand? No? Well neither had attendees at the 2013 Healthcare Convention…”  [...more]



“Charlene Lanzel readied the music that would accompany her performance-art piece. Guests including …Laurent Claquin, Gaetano Sallorenzo and Macaluso watched Lanzel’s mesmerizing sand art performance…”  [...more]



“New York artist Charlene Lanzel creates images in sand on a light table. As she works, a camera projects her progress onto a screen so the audience can watch.”  [...more]



“I spent about six months teaching myself how to do it. It was very difficult. And I think it is the most difficult art form I have ever attempted. And that is saying a lot because I have tried a lot of different art forms. But this one is very challenging. I use a light box and sand…”  [...more]



“One of the things I’m really loving, at this point in time, is your sand art. It’s animated yet so fragile. From what I can see, the sand actually has a mind of its own…”   [...more]


"Sand friends cry to tell their story... hands turn the page of a storybook. The artist Charlene Lanzel’s hand waves with a touch of the sand to draw a connection…"   [...more]



“…we stopped by the Roseland Ballroom to go behind the scenes at the opening night party for Cirque du Soleil’s new show, Zarkana. The event, which follows the debut of the acrobatic show, was designed to be an extension of the show with it’s 1930’s esthetic and circus atmosphere…”   [...more]


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